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Introducing Kits for Kids

Bring this fun Fusing Project Kit home and let your kids create!  Kits contain all of the supplies needed to create a small tile with glass.  Return their masterpiece to us and it will be fused in a kiln.  

Call 206-242-2860 or email to order!

What's Included

4-1/4" blank (clear or white) glass tile, Colored glass bits, Strings of glass, Glue, Instructions

The young (or not so young) artists can create a design using the glass colors provided.  The pieces need to be glued in place with the provided white craft glue.  The tile can then be brought back to Glass Expressions for firing in the kiln.

Kits come in a few color schemes:  Rainbow, Flowers, Sea Life and Forest.  There will be 6 colors in each kit and will differ in amount depending on how many base tiles are ordered.  There will be an instruction sheet to let you know how to put the tile together but does not include patterns.  



One Tile$16
Two Tiles$23
Four Tiles$35
Additional Tiles$6 each

Kits can be shipped to you for creating.  However they need to be brought to the shop for firing in the kiln.  Tiles with pieces glued in place before firing will not stand up to shipping.

You can pick up your colorful fired tile in about a week or pay for us to mail it to you.


Rainbowyellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green
Flowersgreen, yellow, red, orange, marigold, pink
Sea LifeBlue, Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Gray
ForestBlack, Dark Green, Medium Green, Brown, Red, Blue
Base TileClear or White

Note: The Purple color in the rainbow appears blue but will change to purple after melting in the kiln.