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Stained Glass Classes

At Glass Expressions we offer an eight week course to learn how to make Stained Glass Windows. We welcome new students.  Beginning classes will be held each quarter.  Daytime classes are currently limited to 6 students per day. Check out the Calendar page for detailed schedule.  Call or email to register for class.

Note: Current CDC and state guidelines for COVID protection will be followed.  Mask wearing is optional for those who are vaccinated.  Mask wearing during classes will be determined by student consensus for each individual class.

Daytime classes (11am to 2pm) are held year round.

& Intermediate
& Intermediate
& Intermediate
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Evening classes (6pm to 9pm) will start September 8.   

Sept 13 - Nov 1Sept 8-Oct 27




The evening class is an eight week session.  The daytime classes are over a three month quarter.  You may continue the eight weeks consecutively or as your schedule allows. In these classes we have beginning students, intermediate students and advanced students all working together which make the classes not only interesting but also very stimulating.

Class Fee is $200. Students should expect to spend about $175-$200 for tools and supplies. This will get you a basic set of hand tools and supplies to complete at least two projects.  Students must have their own hand tools and supplies which can be purchased at class time.  All students receive a 10% discount on tools and supplies. Work tables and some of the studio tools (for example grinders & soldering irons) can be used during the class.  This will give the average student good groundwork for learning the procedures for making windows and the confidence to complete one on their own.  

Students can choose to learn the copper foil method, the lead came method, or both!  For the copper foil technique the glass is cut and ground, then wrapped with a sticky back copper foil tape. The pieces are then soldered to hold them together.  The traditional leading technique uses lead strips to separate the pieces of glass and are soldered at the joints to give the window structure. You are encouraged to make at least two windows but can produce as many as your time will allow.

Come in and see the beautiful things that you can make yourself!  We have a full line of tools and supplies.  We also have finished projects which you can look at or purchase.  We also do sandblasting, custom stained glass for your home, repairs, glass beadmaking and fusing. 


Beginner Copper Foil Project

Students can choose to do a small window or a suncatcher for their copper foil project.                                                        

Beginner Leaded Window

Choose from a selection of simple patterns for leaded glass windows.  Students will complete the first project in two to three weeks.  This is an example of a beginner leaded window in progress.  

Membership Program

Note: New Memberships are not currently available.  We are currently having a high demand for beginning classes and cannot accommodate continuing students at this time. Sept 7, 2021

We offer a Membership to students after they complete the Beginning Stained Glass Class. The benefits of the membership include attendance of  the regular Stained Glass sessions and to receive a 10% discount on tools and supplies.  This is an excellent way to get help with your projects, have a place to work and have the camaraderie of other students and members working at all levels.
Cost is Only $200 per Quarter (12 weeks)
Due at the beginning of each quarter: January, April, July and October

An added benefit of the membership is it includes the Fusing Club Class Fee*.  Other classes will be offered at reduced fees for Members
*Materials Fee not included

There is also a one session class fee available if you just need short term help or workspace.
$25 per session